• Kim Varstala

    #PingHelsinkiLondon is The Finnish Institute in London’s new campaign and a social media experiment. It aims to exchange information and ideas through short videos shared on Twitter. We ping a great idea from London to an organization or individual based in Helsinki and vice versa - and follow up on how these ideas take flight.

    We are interested in creating a more equal society and better communities. Changing the way we think of urban spaces and their use: how we can create cleaner, greener more inviting cities, how we can exchange and communicate better and be kinder to each other in our urban communities. With everyday ideas potentially turning into game-changing thinking. #PingHelsinkiLondon wants to bring the cities closer together and learn from each other.

    Some of the ideas we are going to be pinging about are urban farming and gardening, ideas for food waste, innovative use of empty commercial spaces, industrial spaced and other urban wasteland. We invite you to join the conversation and share your own ideas using #PingHelsinkiLondon!!

Wednesday, 29th October 2014