• image by: bruket

    Tënu is a conceptual restaurant based on ancient Finnish mythology and folklore, created by restaurateur and chef Antto Melasniemi and artist and designer Klaus Haapaniemi. The duo has previously worked together at the travelling food, design and art event HELYES! which was a part of the Finnish Institute in London's 'Helsinki-London Design Camp’ project in 2010.

    The new venture is targeted at adventurous Londoners, late-night shoppers and curious travellers looking for a festive destination that goes way beyond the usual Christmas drinks and office parties. Set against a backdrop story of mythical landscapes with strange creatures drawn by Haapaniemi, the food takes its inspiration from the Eastern part of Finland with local ingredients such as reindeer, berries and mushrooms, following the type of menu served in Melasniemi’s successful Helsinki restaurants Ateljé Finne and Kuurna.

    Follow the myth of Tënu on Twitter this December – one part of the story is revealed every day until Christmas Eve #tenulegend

    Open 6 December - 31 December at 1 Leicester Street. To reserve a table, please e-mail reservations@tenurestaurant.com or call +44 7476 235529

    Antto Melasniemi

    Klaus Haapaniemi

Friday, 28th November 2014