• Image : Sari Gustafsson, Lehtikuva

    The Political Class in Britain and Finland - how has the profile of members of parliament changed during 1945-2015?

    The Finnish Institute in London and the Centre for Parliamentary Studies at the University of Turku organise a discussion event on the changing socio-economic profile of the members of parliament in both the UK and Finland 9 April.

    The event wants to draw attention to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Finland 19 April and Britain 7 May. Speakers include researchers Jennifer Hudson and Rosie Campbell from the University College London constitution unit research centre, senior researcher Erkka Railo from the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Osmo Soininvaara, current member of parliament for the Green Party in Finland.

    9 April at 1pm-3pm at the Little Parliament, Visitor's Centre, Arkadiankatu 3, Helsinki.

    The event is free of charge and open to public. The discussion will be in English.

    More information:

    Antti Halonen, Head of Society Programme, The Finnish Institute in London
    antti.halonen@finnish-institute.org.uk, T: +44 (0)500788170

    Erkka Railo, Senior Researcher, Centre for Parliamentary Studies
    erkmat@utu.fi, T: +44 (0)50 5692466

Monday, 30th March 2015