• This May European Literature Night moves beyond just one night and brings writers from around Europe to London 13 May – 9 June 2015. Finland is represented by Hassan Blasim, an Iraqi-born filmmaker and writer who has lived and worked in Finland since 2004.

    Blasim, renowned for his surreal stories, combined with straightforward yet metaphoric writing on violence as well as unique encounters, has woken curiosity around the world. In 2014, Blasim, who writes in Arabic, won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize with his book ‘The Iraqi Christ’.

    Wednesday 3 June, Blasim will share his story along with two other authors who live in exile across Europe. They will invite us to wonder how creativity breathes new life into new places When Home Is Far Away – as the topic promises.

    This year’s ELN will host events introducing various writers whose names will most probably be impossible to forget in the future. Hosting a variety of events from the main night’s intriguing interviews to the spoken word wonder fest, the ELN deserves to be praised as a highlight of the UK’s literary calendar.

    The Finnish Institute in London supports the seventh European Literature Night.

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Tuesday, 28th April 2015