• Pink Twins: PARAMETRONOMICON (New York 2015)

    This summer, fine arts consultancy and curatorial team ARTinTRA brings the visual sound spectacle PARAMETRONOMICON to London’s House of St Barnabas. The site-specific, computer-animated video and sound installation is created by the internationally acclaimed Finnish duo Pink Twins.

    Active as Pink Twins since 1997, Helsinki based brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen are audiovisual artists and electronic musicians. Their computer-generated videos work on the boundaries of human perception: The intense live performances incorporate live electronic music and a live mix of video works. Pink Twins have shown their works in exhibitions and festivals in all continents and performed audiovisual live shows through Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.

    “The evocative Chapel of the House of St Barnabas seemed the perfect space to host Pink Twins’ PARAMETRONOMICON,” curator Vassiliki Tzanakou says.

    Developed based upon Epistemological theories, PARAMETRONOMICON, resembles a science fiction film which aims to stimulate an immersive visual and psychological experience of perception, cognition and imagination, engaging the public in a diverse dialogue which challenges axioms and belief systems. The animations and their soundtrack set up a psychedelic and thought-provoking experience.

    Pink Twins, with their abstractive video and maximalist sound installations, are creating unique synaesthetic experiences that transverse the dimensions of space and time. Their digitally developed imagery, comprised of abstractive forms and usually bright colours is in perennial motion and reconstruction. The chaotic spaces truly challenge the human perception:

    “The aim is for the visitor, through beauty, to enter in conceptual areas where axioms and belief systems would be challenged,” curator Tzanakou describes.

    Simultaneously organic and mechanical, PARAMETRONOMICON’s continuously changing set of parameters provides a chaotic experience where no single truth exists.

    The Finnish Institute in London supported PARAMETRONOMICON.

    See it with your own eyes at House of St Barnabas 13-26 June daily and weekends 10AM - 6PM upon request.
    Private view on Friday 12 June 6-8PM. RSVP essential (info@artintra.net)

    More information here