• Sofia Rainio-Eskelinen designs the winning entry in the Institute’s design competition

    The Finnish Institute in London has had the pleasure of working with some of Finland’s top talent in art and illustration. Past designers include Jenni Rope, Janine Rewell, Klaus Haapaniemi and Jaakko Pallasvuo, to mention a few.

    This year we decided to open the field for some new, young talent by launching a design competition. We saw a number of really strong entries, but the jury decided on Sofia Rainio-Eskelinen’s (b. 1989) work to be the winning design.

    ‘’We loved the organic and accidental quality of Sofia’s work. But overall were are really excited to see so much new talent coming up in the Finnish art and design scene.’’ says Animaya Grant the Institute's Head of Communications and Events.

    Later this year Sofia will be invited to come to London to meet with industry professionals.

    ‘’I´m delighted that The Finnish Institute in London gave me this recognition in the competition and an opportunity to meet professionals in London.’’

    After graduation from Savonia UAS as a designer, Sofia begun to work as a professional artist. Her works express feelings and describe a world of memories, conveying only positive emotions. The artist believes that her work promotes positivity, therefore helping the world to become a better place.

    Sofia has found a great deal of her inspiration through graffiti art. She considers that freedom and relaxation play a key role in the artistic process. The main goal of her work is to incorporate vibrant colours and strong brushstrokes, in order to transmit liveliness. The complexity of her art amplifies the rhythm and the tension of the composition.

    Sofia has been exhibiting her artwork in Finland, as well as internationally; in Paris, Osaka, Rio de Janeiro and Seoul. Her artwork can be found already in few international publications such as The New Collectors´ Book (2016) and Who´s Who in Visual Art (2016).

Wednesday, 29th June 2016