• The Games Europe Plays - BODY <> TECH

    As a follow up to The Games Europe Plays gaming exhibition at the Institute this spring, the second exhibition in EUNIC London’s event series focuses on body technology. The Games Europe Plays – BODY <> TECH opens at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery at the University of Greenwich 7 July and runs until 26 August 2016.

    Exploring our body from its hidden micro bacteria to its digital incarnations, The Games Europe Plays – BODY<>TECH takes a playful look at how digital technologies are helping us to heal but can also disturb our wellbeing. Presenting the works of interactive artists and game makers from the UK and continental Europe, the show envisions how we will inhabit and take care of our virtual and physical bodies in the future.

    “We are excited to be coordinating this collaborative European project where the team, and artists coming from a dozen different European countries.” says Pauliina Ståhlberg, the director of The Finnish Institute in London.

    Dr Eija Mäkirintala, CEO, Co-Founder, Creative Director of Altogame has been invited to be one of the speakers at an event Thursday 7 July at Greenwich University. Eija Mäkirintala, Doctor of Behavioral Sciences, coach-trainer and professional musician has developed an internationally unique coaching method integrating musicians ́ professional top performance and well-being. She wrote the first Finnish coaching related doctoral thesis on the subject, and the first white paper on how to transform organisations by using arts-based interventions. She currently continues her work and research by being a co-developer of a novel and unique virtual learning game, Altogame.

    The Games Europe Plays is a EUNIC London project, produced by the Finnish Institute and body>data>space. Initiated by the Czech Centre, the project is supported by the British Council and the Arts Council England. It is presented at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery and supported by the University of Greenwich (Department of Creative Professions and Digital Art), in association with Nesta’s FutureFest and London Games Festival. With additional support from the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

    You can rsvp here.

    The exhibition is open to the public from 7 July – 26 August 2016: Tuesday-Friday: 11am-5pm. Saturday: 11am-4pm.

Thursday, 7th July 2016