Arto Halonen - Shadow of the Holy Book

  • Arto Halonen is showing his award-winning film Shadow of the Holy Book (2007) on two special screenings 7.11. and 9.11. at Sheffield’s Showroom.

    Halonen’s controversial film asks - why are some of the world's biggest international companies translating the ‘Ruhnama’, an absurd government propaganda book from Turkmenistan, into their own languages? Shadow of the Holy Book exposes the immorality of international companies doing business with the dictatorship of oil-and-gas-rich Turkmenistan, thus helping to hide its human rights and free speech abuses - all in the name of profit and corporate greed.

    Shadow of the Holy Book has been selected to be screened at over 20 film festivals such as HotDocs in Toronto, the Seattle International Film Festival and The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece. This year Halonen’s film has also been awarded with the prestigious European Prix ARTE 2008 Award - and the 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece honoured Halonen as one of the most important directors of the new generation of documentary makers.

    The film was co-produced by ITVS (The Independent Television Service) in the United States with TV channels from Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Finland. Cinema distribution for Shadow of the Holy book started in Finland on 29.2.2008.

    Friday 7 November 2008 22:00 Showroom 2
    Sunday 9 November 2008 16:30 Showroom 4