Fiction Translation Competition Attracted a Great Number of Entries

The fiction translation competition launched by the Finnish Institute and FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange has closed. Close to 120 translators from six different countries entered the competition and translated Maritta Lintunen’s short story “Piinaviikko” from the collection Ovisilmä (WSOY 2006) into English. The judges are currently reviewing the texts and the results will be announced in November.

Meanwhile, ten lucky contestants have won book prizes in a raffle. They will be contacted personally in the next few days. Shortlisted translators will have a chance to win additional gift certificates and will compete for the main prize. The jury might contact the shortlisted contestants for additional text samples, if needed. The Finnish Institute and FILI are pleased to invite the overall winner to participate in a translation masterclass in Helsinki in 2010 with all expenses paid.

The translation competition is part of the Finnish Institute's programme of activities aiming at increasing the number of Finnish books entering the British literary market.

The Finnish Institute and FILI want to thank all contestants warmly for their precious time and outstanding effort.