Next Level celebrates Helsinki

next level cover
  • The fresh issue of Next Level is a celebration of Helsinki and Finnish photographic art.

    "Every now and then a city comes along that punches above its weight but retains a somewhat small-town aura. The ideas and imagery in the metropolitan hub can appear illusive at first glance, but the more you allow your gaze to linger the more you begin to comprehend the local references and cultural concepts. Slowly but surely the beauty and sophistication of the art come into focus. Close your eyes and pause; open your eyes - Welcome to Helsinki."

    The above is editor Sheyi Bankale's foreword to the theme issue of the cutting-edge photographic art magazine ‘Next Level'. With imagery by the likes of Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Elina Brotherus, Niko Luoma, Santeri Tuori, Tuomo Manninen, Milja Laurila, Saara Ekström, Joonas Ahlava, Susanna Majuri and Sari Tervaniemi, the magazine is a true celebration of Finnish photographic art. The Next Level Helsinki-issue was launched in London May 12th 2010.

    Since its start in 2002, Next Level has aimed to bring awareness and debate to contemporary issues through showcasing new and established artists alongside inspiring, provocative and critical writing from around the world.

    'Next Level' is distributed worldwide via Pine Apple Ltd. to newsstands, bookstores, art institutions, major art, photography and book fairs, cosmopolitan outlets, airlines and subscriptions.

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