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Image: Kalle Hamm 'Washing the Map'

Centrifugal - the perennial art project bringing together artists, educators, architects and theorists from three European edge cities, Helsinki, Belfast and Zagreb, reaches a pinnacle with its Centrifugal: Sequence VI in Belfast. The sequence presents a range of events in connection with the launch of The Centrifugal Book of Europe, followed by a series of interventions in Helsinki and Zagreb during Spring and Summer 2010.

Centrifugal investigates the spatial, political and economic forces producing contemporary ideas of Europe. Centrifugal arises from the peripheries, from sites that have often been formed through their colonial relations with the ‘old Europe', and which now structures through complex webs of desire, resistance and adaptation.

Centrifugal: Sequence VI will make a multi-disciplinary inquiry into the key questions posed by The Centrifugal Book of Europe through a six-day series of focused public talks, workshops, tours and events between March 18th - 23rd. This sequence allows for further development of both individual and collaborative investigations and experimentations, building on the previous stages of the project.

Since it's kick-off in 2008, Centrifugal has been exploring three European "off-centre" cities Helsinki, Belfast and Zagreb and their relationship with a territorial and economic centre, London. Central to the project is the examination of conflict and change in urban spaces.

Centrifugal was initiated by the London-based curator Taru Elfving, and now includes a core group of artists, curators and researchers. Amongst the collaborators to Sequence VI are Minna Henriksson with her workshop 'Making a Network Map' and Kalle Hamm's 'International Window Shopping Tour'.

Centrifugal: Sequence VI, March 18th - March 26th in Belfast

Picks from the programme:

Launch: The Centrifugal Book of Europe, March 18th, 6 pm

Conor Lecture Theatre, Art College, Belfast

Seminar: Role of Networked Curation & Criticism, March 19th, 11 am
Brown & Bri, 11 Lombard Street, Belfast

Workshop: Kalle Hamm - ‘International Window Shopping Tour', March 19th, 2 pm
Belfast Exposed Gallery, 23 Donegall Street, Belfast

Workshop: Minna Henriksson - ‘Making a Network Map', March 22nd, 11 am
Flaxart Studios, United Optical Building, 44-46 Corporation Street, Belfast

More info:
centri.wordpress.com (previous sequences of Centrifugal)