• Image: OKFest by Veikko Kähkönen

    Finland's first Open Knowledge Convention gathers advocates and enthusiasts from around the world to discuss the future of Open Knowledge in Finland.

    Open Knowledge Finland organises a convention in Tuusula, Finland 8-9 February. Approximately hundred open knowledge advocates and enthusiasts from Finland and around the world will take part in the convention to plan and discuss the future of open knowledge in Finland. The event will take place at historic artist residency, Onnela by Tuusula Lake.

    The convention offers a platform for future open knowledge projects, allows the Finnish Open Knowledge community to network and officially launches the Open Knowledge Finland organisation. The programme includes Open Government Partnership (OGP) talks, a round table talk about open science and education and the statutory meeting of the association.

    The Finnish Institute in London was one of the founding members when a new open knowledge actor, Open Knowledge Finland, was founded in Helsinki on 21 December 2012. The main role of Open Knowledge Finland is to act as a support and umbrella organisation for open knowledge actors and networks in Finland. A group of experienced open knowledge advocates were elected to the new temporary board. Petri Kola was elected as the president of the proud new association, Juha Huuskonen as the vice-president and Jussi Nissilä, the programme director of the Finnish Institute in London, was elected as the secretary. Other members of the board include Joonas Pekkanen, Sanna Marttila, and Tarmo Toikkanen. The founding assembly evoked a lot of attention across the open knowledge community and wide audience as well with 66 individuals and 17 organisations attending the assembly.

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