The Nest - An Urban Timber Garden

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    The Finnish Institute is proud to present the ‘Nest', a timber pavilion showcasing the best of new Finnish wood architecture in London. It is launched during the London Festival of Architecture, 19 June - 4 July 2010.

    The project will be presented as part of the 'Union Street Urban Orchard' at the London Festival of Architecture, adding an abstract timber garden into the urban environment. The pergola-like design consists of a mesh of shelter, decking and stools, offering a spot where visitors of the orchard can meet and explore the urban garden.

    The Nest is a result of an architectural competition with the Wood Program at the Department of Architecture at the Aalto University. The winning entry is designed and built by a group of 15 international students and in-house architects of the programme.

    The Wood Program is a one-year programme directed by leading Finnish wood architect Pekka Heikkinen. The programme aims to increase the knowledge of the architectural, ecological, aesthetic and technical aspects of wood in contemporary architecture. It is internationally renowned for its annual 1: 1 scale experimental projects, including several pavilions and most recently a prototype solar powered energy house as part of the 'Solar Decathlon 2010' competition in Madrid.

    The Nest is part of the International Architecture Showcase organised by the British Council and The Architecture Foundation for the London Festival of Architecture 2010. It will be presented in the showcase alongside ‘Helsinki Horizon 2030; 20 km New Urban Public Waterfront', an exhibition produced by Helsinki City Planning Department.

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