Flow09 Serves a Perfect Mix of Music, Art, Food and Design

  • Flow Festival, organised on August 13-16 in Helsinki's Suvilahti is not only about great music. Designing a well-functioning and diverse festival area has been essential to this years event. Festival gourmet curated by Antto Melasniemi has put food right into the heart of the event, and Harri Koskinen and Marimekko added design to the mix. Special attention is also being paid to the ecological concequences of event production via Carbon Footprint calculations.

    The Flow09 gourmet is curated by Finnish culinary talent Antto Melasniemi of Helsinki's favourite restaurants Atelje Finne and Kuurna. Taking part in the far-reaching menu are restaurants Makutakuu, Raku Ya, Sanni Jouhki Café, Grotesk, Elokuvamuonitus Nakki Ltd and Nolla.

    The menu ranges from club sandwiches and sushi to a high-quality selection of coffees. In addition to other bars, Flow will include the "Black Label Bar" designed by architect agency Juhana Heikonen and built by Bergen Ltd. The bar serves a selection high-class champagne to suit even the most demanding festival-goer, and the interior is designed by the highly-respect Finnish designer Harri Koskinen. The multifaceted Flow Festival area is decorated in co-operated with Marimekko and Brand Factory.

    Visual art all around the Flow Festival area will be presented by ArtShortCut, an internationally functioning visual arts community making their second Flow appearance to date. ArtShortCut aims at bringing together artists, audiences, and the art market. At Flow09, they will present "Alter-Eco", their new concept tackling the complex issue of worth in art, and the ecological values often overlooked in the production process of art. The "Alter-Eco" concept includes work by the artists Qui Anxiong, Kenneth Bamberg, Terike Haapoja,Suvi Nurmi, Pasi Rauhala, Suvi Tuli and Timo Wright.

    This year, Flow Festival serves as an agenda-setter in ecological issues in event production. Together with the internationally operating consulting and engineering company Pöyry, Flow will measure its Carbon Footprint in order to find new ways of reducing carbon emissions related to event production in the near future at Flow Festival and hopefully other events as well.