OK DO's Science Poems' London Launch

  • OK Do's latest publication, Science Poems has its London launch at the Donlon Book/X Marks the Bökship bookshop on 17th November.

    The Science Poems publication is a part of a project by OK Do that started in Paris this summer. It brought together a group of designers and artists for an exhibition at the 0fr gallery and bookstore in Paris, 4-6 June.

    Following the traditional mindset of science fiction, OK Do's Science Poems project explores the poetry and multi-sensorial aesthetics of science rather than its functionality and logic. The Science Poems book first launched on 4th June explores the topic through images and texts by us and the people around us. The book and the exhibition are now travelling around the world - the latest Science Poems party took place in Helsinki 10th July at Napa Gallery.

    The Science Poems exhibition and book approach science from an artistic perspective, reflecting on psychological and philosophical thoughts without necessarily considering conventional constraints or scientific objectives. In our opinion, applying grids of interpretation, typical of the fields of art and design, to the field of science (and vice versa) can cast new light upon the content and lead to new insights. In the same vein, the exhibition and book aim to function as tools to see and understand or as tools to imagine and question.

    Ranging from fashion exploring electromagnetic space to an audio piece derived from DNA base pairs, each piece in the Science Poems exhibition deals with a particular field of natural sciences: astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics or cross-disciplines.

    The participants are Anna Ahonen & Katariina Lamberg, graphic designers; Kaarle Hurtig & Simo Vassinen, photographer and writer; Martti Kalliala (Renaissance Man), sound artist; K.I. Kinnunen, fashion designer; Miska Knapek, media artist; and Nene Tsuboi, illustrator.

    The book, designed by Åh, features discussions with Marc-Olivier Wahler of Palais de Tokyo as well as Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby from the Royal College of Art. It also includes articles about parallel universes, spiritual science or building an ecosystem at home, a talk with a philosopher, a science fiction short story as well as various other poetic writings and images about science by OK Do and friends.

    Science Poems Book Launch
    17th November, 6-8 pm
    Donlon Books/X Marks the Bökship, 210/Shop, 3 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9NQ

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