Turku 2011 – Culture is Good for the Soul

  • Image: Jenni Erkintalo, Petri Summanen

    Turku, The European Capital of Culture 2011, has launched its programme of events for next year. The varied programme starts in mid-January and brings together artists and art professionals from Finland and abroad. Over the year the cultural experiences will sprawl from the culture capital across the entire Southwest Finland.

    Turku 2011 Foundation has focused its programme on culture's impact on people's wellbeing, highlighting the culture of everyday living and working, sports, culinary art, science and research along with other forms of art and culture. The programme will include interdisciplinary projects as well as projects that cross frontiers.

    "Our starting point is for the Capital of Culture year's programme to have a positive effect on people. Culture not only increases mental wellbeing, but research suggests that it also promotes physical welfare" - says Cay Sevon, CEO for Turku 2011 Foundation.

    Turku 2011 aims to add something positive to the everyday lives of local people. Turku 365 project by Meiju Niskala will create an urban art experience with over 130 art works that invite locals to explore everyday urban life.

    The programme includes many international contemporary art projects. Contemporary Art Archipelago, CAA, by curator Taru Elving, will bring over 20 new and site-specific art works to Turku Archipelago during the summer of 2011. The exhibition can be experienced around the archipelago from different angles; cruise ships, small boats, on and off the islands, as well as a virtual experience.

    One of the many other international art professionals contributing to the Turku 2011 programme is British Sheyi Bankale. He has curated the biggest contemporary photography exhibition even seen in Finland; Alice in Wonderland.

    In addition to the national collaboration Turku 2011 will work internationally in partnership with Tallinn, the concurrent Capital of Culture 2011. Turku 2011 programme aims both to make Turku a city with a strong and interesting foundation in arts and science but also Baltic's creative hub.

    More information: Turku 2011