Ornamo and Grafia Announced their Designers of the Year 2011

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    The Association of professional graphic designers Grafia and The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo award annually six distinguished designers.

    Grafia's award winner:

    Graphic Designer of the Year 2011 Agent Pekka

    With confident expertise, Agent Pekka is successfully instilling a new culture of illustration in Finland. The influence of Agent Pekka on the world conquest of Finnish illustration cannot be ignored. The founder of the agency, Pablo Steffa, has a background as a designer, but has made the marketing and sales of his colleagues' expertise his task.

    Ornamo's award winners:

    Industrial Designer of the Year 2011 Pekka Harni

    What stands out in Pekka Harni's work are the continuation of Kaj Franck's ethical and moral design tradition and a marked support for sustainable development. Harni's teaching and design work is profound and insightful. Honesty and open disclosure of one's firm position form the essential part of Harni's designer identity.

    Fashion Designer of the Year 2011 Jasmiine Julin-Aro

    Jasmiine Julin-Aro has done significant work in the Finnish garment industry, designing successful products from everyday clothing to special costumes. She is internationally renowned in her field as a designer of fashionable, functional clothing.

    Interior Designer of the Year 2011 Vertti Kivi

    Interior architect Vertti Kivi received the award for the Aava Resort & Spa hotel concept and interior design in Thailand. Vertti Kivi and his dSign Vertti Kivi & Co have created a clear-cut and stylish hotel design. The natural materials and robust forms of the interior create a harmonious whole, which runs effortlessly from the interior to the exterior.

    Artist of the Year 2011 Janna Syvänoja

    Janna Syvänoja is one of our internationally most distinguished artists. Her vast production includes works ranging from jewellery to installation art. Through a profound understanding of nature, there is also an ecological perspective in her work.

    Textile Artist of the Year 2011 Heli Tuori-Luutonen

    Textile artist Heli Tuori-Luutonen is a versatile and characterful artist, whose production, starting from the 1980s, consists of textile art, church textiles and textiles for everyday use. Her language of form and her handiwork are fresh, unique and minimised. Even the smaller-sized works are of monumental and architectural character.

    Finnish Designer Awards '11 -publication is published together with the exhibition taking place in Helsinki in January, Oslo in August-September and Stockholm in September-November 2011.

    Muotoilijat '11 - Finnish Designer Awards exhibition schedule:
    Design Forum Finland, Helsinki,
    Finland 14th January- 13th February 2011

    Finsk-norsk kulturinstitutt,
    Oslo, Norway 18 th August -18 th September 2011

    Finlands Institutet,
    Stockholm, Sweden 6th October - 3rd November 2011

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