The Institute’s New (P)review 10/11 Publication is Out


The Finnish Institute in London launched a new (P)review 10/11 publication in April. The publication is a follow-up to the first, award-winning (P)review 08/09.

Similarly to the previous publication, (P)review 10/11 is a look at the Institute's programmes, themes and activities over both the past and the coming year. (P)review 10/11 also continues Institute's collaboration with celebrated Finnish graphic designer Emmi Salonen of the London-based design practice Studio EMMI.

(P)review 08/09 is not an easy act to follow. The publication gathered several respected graphic design awards, such as the Antalis McNaughton Review 2011. A judge described (P)review 08/09 as "an innovative format, which is reflected in its typography and layout". (P)review 08/09 was also the winner of best use of Keaykolor in the same awards, and its "innovative format and simple layout with a harmonised presentation" received special thanks. Other awards and mentions for the publication include Print Magazine's Creativity + Commerce Award and Graphic Design from Europe's Selected A award.

Emmi Salonen has also produced other award-winning work. 2010 Studio EMMI's Studio Brochure #2 won the Robert Horne Shout Award for overall winning piece of work. In 2009 Emmi Salonen won in the Fedrigoni Showroom Award and Sappi's Ideas That Matter award.

Studio EMMI aims to operate as environmentally friendly as possible by working with printers who are CarbonNeutral® and opting to use recycled or more sustainably sourced options as often as possible. Studio EMMI is also a signatorie of the Mayor of London's Green Procurement Code.

Finnish-born Emmi Salonen studied graphic design in University of Brighton. After graduating in 2001 she moved to Italy to work at Fabrica, Benetton's controversial but prestigious studio for young designers. Emmi Salonen has lived and worked in New York and in 2005 she set up her own practice Studio EMMI in London.