Contemporary Art at the Turku Archipelago

  • Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) exhibition across the Turku archipelago isles consist of 20 new site-specific art works by international and local artists. CAA is curated by Taru Elfving.

    The theme of the exhibition is the archipelago and its future as a unique yet changing environment and way of life. The artworks reflect on the future of this area of more than twenty thousand islands reaching out from the south-western coast of Finland.

    The exhibition can be encountered from cruise ships and small boats, along the roads, in the harbours and on the ferries, in a lighthouse and even underwater. The context of the Baltic Sea is strongly present, yet CAA reflects the specificities of Turku archipelago also against other similar environments and global changes.

    The artists examine, amongst others, alternative island lifestyles and desires projected onto islands and across the sea. The art works take the form of, for example, an alternative map on a ferry, cinematic sci-fi visions of the archipelago and underwater gardening.

    Visitors get to experience stories from the islanders - for example artist Renja Leino's collection of the islander's experiences of the wind. Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas continue to explore the encounters between traditional and new technologies by focusing on sheep and their way of life in Turku Archipelago.

    The exhibition is part of the Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture programme.

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