Jaakko Mattila's Lowest Common Denominator

Image: James Hockey & Foyer Galleries/ Lee Broughall
  • The James Hockey and Foyer Galleries at UCA in Farnham are hosting Jaakko Mattila's new exhibition, Lowest Common Denominator, from 7 October to 17 December 2011.

    Curated by UCA Galleries’ Christine Kapteijn, Lowest Common Denominator brings together a diverse range of media, including a series of large scale landscapes that will be shown together for the first time.

    From Oulu, Finland, Jaakko Mattila is a UCA Fine Art graduate whose fascinating work in oil, watercolour and print is receiving increasing international acclaim. Mattila aims to simplify his expression into the bare essentials. The aesthetics within his paintings work to deliberately awaken emotions and thoughts. His works always contain puzzles that challenge the viewer to read the visual content analytically.

    Jaakko Mattila refers to his work as ‘global visually interesting art’, which is an experience regardless of the background of the viewer. “Lowest Common Denominator refers to what people find aesthetically or visually interesting. But that should not depend on where you are from or what you have seen,” Mattila explains.

    Jaakko Mattila: Lowest Common Denominator
    7 October – 17 December 2011

    James Hockey & Foyer Galleries
    University for the Creative Arts
    Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DS

    UCA Galleries
    Jaakko Mattila