The Open Government Data Camp in Warsaw

  • The Finnish Institute is one of the partner organisations of the Open Government Data Camp, which is held in Warsaw 20.-21.10.2011.

    The second annual camp is hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) and is the largest open government data event in the world.

    The main purpose of the Open Government Data Camp is to bring together developers, academics, civil servants, NGOs and others interested in open government data for discussions, workshops and coding sprints. Organisers are expecting up to 400 participants from over 40 different countries.

    Open data is expected to release significant social and commercial value in various application areas. According to the Open Knowledge Foundation, the event itself is hoped to "build irreversible global momentum for open data and to encourage more organisations and institutions to adopt open data principles as part of their organisational DNA."

    Open Government Data Camp
    Open Knowledge Foundation