• Reaktio is the Finnish Institute's new publication series. The books in the series focus on critical contemporary issues, they pose questions and offer commentary. The books encourage debate and provoke action; they are books to think with and books to act on.

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    Reaktio #1 – Encounters

    The first publication in the series, Encounters, celebrates the Institute's first 20 years in London by exploring how connections between people produce new creative ideas. Encounters investigates what exactly happens when new people meet, share ideas, exchange views and form partnerships. The publication is about international encounters in the realm of the civil society and it presents those who have witnessed it in action.

    Reaktio #2 – TV Like Us

    Amidst the current technological and social changes, does television hold the kind of relevance it once did? The second book in the series, TV Like Us, brings together artists, researchers and technologists working with community TV in Finland, Britain and Ireland to explore this question. The texts show that the thing called ‘television' still holds a potent grip on our collective imaginations and that community TV is fast becoming a key player in the changing broadcasting landscape.