5 Questions with IC-98


The Finnish Institute in London's ‘5 Questions with...' video interview explores the ideas and sources of inspirations for the Finnish academic artist group IC-98.

Visa Suonpää and Patrik Söderlund founded IC-98 to broaden the field of academic writing. The art world provided the freedom they had been craving, and they soon found themselves incorporating themes such as ownership, public space and ecology into drawings, animations and publications.

IC-98 wishes to bring the historical into the present, being political but not aggressive. The Finnish Institute in London met with the artists a couple of hours before the official release of their first London exhibition to discuss how this duo, so fascinated by times gone by, looks at the future.

IC-98's architectural animation, A View From The Other Side (2011), depicts the story of an early 19th century neo-classical building in Turku, Finland. The exhibition, which also includes two other works by the artists, is open at Beaconsfield in London until 14 April.

See their interview: