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Forum of the Finnish Academic Institutes will participate in the Science Forum 2013 in Helsinki in early January.

The Science Forum is a biennial science event of great diversity under a chosen main theme. The Forum's mandate is to communicate to the curious public the newest, up-to-date research and to discuss the possibilities as well as the limits of science more broadly. This year's Science Forum will be held in Helsinki 9-13 January 2013 and the main theme will be Crises - Threats and New Starts.

"Our Forum has much to share concerning this topic: Japan has experienced earthquakes and the nuclear disaster, Greece is in the middle of economical crisis and Middle East is going through historical change," says the director of the Academic Institute Forum and the Finnish Institute in Middle East, Ari Kerkkäinen.

Forum of the Finnish Academic Institutes is formed by seven Finnish Academic and Cultural Institutes and was founded in May 2012. The Finnish Institute in London is one of the member Institutes. The goal of the Forum is to promote cooperation between the member Institutes and reinforce the status of Academic Institutes in Finland. Among other things the Forum launches cooperative research projects and triggers conversation on societal themes.

The members of the Forum are, in addition to the Finnish Institute in London, the Finnish Cultural Institutes in Madrid and Berlin and the Finnish Academic Institutes in Athens, Middle East and Rome.

The Night of the Sciences is one of the additional events of the Science Forum and will be held 10 January.

Academic Institute Forum's presentations at the Science Forum:
Tiedenistituuttien kokemuksia ja tulkintoja kriiseistä I-II
at the main building of the University of Helsinki 9 January 10am-2. 15pm

Academic Institute Forum presents itself at the Night of Science:
at the House of Science and Letters 10 January 7-8 pm

More info on the Science Forum: