• StudioVisit: Heidi Kilpeläinen

    Kilpeläinen is a Finnish multimedia artist who sees herself as a maker rather than an artist. She writes her songs, sings, plays instruments, directs, styles and films her own music videos, creates her performance accessories and clothes along with a selection art pieces and sculpture.

    Kilpeläinen released her third album Imaginature 25 March through indie label One Little Indian. The album, very much inspired by nature, is produced by Christoffer Berg (The Knife, Fever Ray, Little Dragon, Depeche Mode).

    Kilpeläinen is known as HK119 since 2003. 2005 she was signed to One Little Indian after being hailed as Björk’s favourite act of 2004 in Q Magazine.

    The Institute met Heidi Kilpeläinen at her London home/studio to talk to her about her new album, art, life and success - and captured her refreshing DIY approach on camera.

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