• The graphic arts festival ‘Pick Me Up’ is organised for the fifth time at the Somerset House 24 April – 5 May 2014. An international jury has selected two Finnish artists, Linda Linko and Annu Kilpeläinen, for the ‘Pick Me Up Selects’ show.

    The jury of the ‘Pick me Up Selects’ has chosen sixteen new and interesting designers from the field of graphic art. Linda has designed six pieces for the show, simple ink paintings and two big collages.

    ‘I am very happy to be selected as one of the artists and that the Finnish cultural foundation is supporting me. All my work is linked to Middle America where I have spent a lot of time during the last five years. I wasn’t able to go there this winter so I have reminisced through my collages and paintings,’ Linda says.

    ‘The Finnish illustration seems to be doing very well abroad. I believe it is because of the good art education and encouraging atmospehere of the creative community. Also the Finnish sense of humour and the way we deal with different matters feels very fresh at the moment.’

    ‘Pick Me Up 2014’ festival aims to be fun and informal antithesis of a traditional art fair. The festival showcases graphig design from fashion and architecture to comic books and album covers. There are different events and workshops — and the artwork is also available to purchase.

    The identity for 'Pick Me Up' has been designed by Studio EMMI & Chrissie Macdonald, who also designed last year’s look for the show.