• Pink Twins: New Miracle

    Out of Our Heads exhibition at the basement of the Shoreditch Town Hall showcases the work of over twenty-five contemporary artists who attempt to trigger the human senses. Jarno Vesala, a sculptor and a visual artist, and a duo of visual artists and electronic musicians Pink Twins (Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen) have designed video installations for the exhibition.

    Out of Our Heads aims to stimulate the audience’s experience of perception, cognition and imagination and engage them in to a diverse dialogue about hallucinations and mental health in order to challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Some of the works have been developed based upon the latest scientific knowledge on the human brain and mind.

    The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive series of talks, with leading scientists that will cover themes of perception, illusions, hallucinations and mental health as well as by events, workshops and performances.

    10% of the proceeds will go to buy art supplies for the creative therapy departments of mental health institutions. The exhibition is curated by James Putnam and Vassiliki Tzanakou.

    Exhibition Runs 13 - 29 June 2014, daily and weekends 10am-6pm

    Shoreditch Town Hall London EC1V 9LT


Monday, 9th June 2014