Kimmo Pohjonen: Haitaripainia

kimmo pohjonen accordion wrestling with helsinki nelson credit jussi virkumaa_280x200px
Kuva: Jussi Virkumaa
  • Visionary accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen brings his musical wrestling show to Britain. The first show will take place in Manchester 6 June, the second in London 8 June.

    Accordion Wrestling combines sport, theatre, dance and music. It is a revival of Finnish wrestling tradition from early 1900s when accordion was included as musical accompaniment for wrestling matches. Accordion Wrestling incorporates surround sound, a custom made wrestling mat with imbedded microphones, special lighting, archive video and photos to expand the tradition.

    Pohjonen realises his vision with 12 champion wrestlers, Finnish wrestling group Helsinki Nelson and members of the British Wrestling Association, and Finland's leading creative production team, director and choreographer Ari Numminen, light designer Mikki Kunttu and sound designer Heikki Iso-Ahola.

    Kimmo Pohjonen is a boldly creative and versatile musician and performer. His mission is to expand the capabilities, sound, scope, perfomance and experience of the accordion. Pohjonen draws from folk, dance, classical, rock, experimental, and theatre music. He has studied at Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department.

    The performance premiered in Turku, Finland in 2010. After Britain it will travel to New York.

    Kimmo Pohjonen Accordion Wrestling
    6 June 7.30 pm
    Royal Northern College of Music,124 Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9RD
    Tickets £15 (£13.50)

    8 June 8 pm
    York Hall, 5–15 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PJ
    Tickets £20

    More information:
    Kimmo Pohjonen
    Royal Northern College of Music
    York Hall