• Laura Konttinen: Island with no memory, 2014

    Photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations: New Narrative and Reader features contemporary art in many different forms. The exhibition, organised by Finnish Art Agency, opens 6 June at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre near Manchester.

    “The exhibition takes over the whole museum building in a unique way, commenting simultaneously on the historical collection of the space,” says curator Laura Köönikkä.

    The idea of New Narrative and Reader crystallised after the Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre’s director Tony Trehy invited her to develop an exhibition: housed within a former library, the exhibition contributes to the ongoing act of collecting stories within the space.

    “When the premises still functioned as a library, the world of books and stories reached only a limited audience. Now as a museum, visual artworks can ideally achieve even wider audience, including illiterate people and those outside the language barriers,” states Köönikkä.

    “Unlike it’s generally thought, accessibility of contemporary art isn’t dependent on orthodox understanding of the artwork but the sensations and thoughts that are raised when experiencing the artwork. True challenge for museums isn’t art itself, but how to guide the audience to see art with an open mind.”

    The artists of New Narrative and Reader are: visual artist Erno Enkenberg, painter Sami Havia, visual artist Pauliina Kaasalainen, photographer Laura Konttinen, painter Teemu Korpela, sculptor Sampo Malin, textile artist Niina Mantsinen, photographer Karoliina Paappa, photographer Sami Parkkinen, painter Tiina Pyykkinen, visual artist duo Maria Teeri & Janne Nabb, sculptor Taneli Rautiainen, video artist Bita Razavi, and painter Camilla Vuorenmaa. The exhibitions graphics are designed by Anna Ahonen & Katariina Lamberg.

    “An idea for an artwork might come from small everyday incidents we don’t normally even notice – or alternatively significant social changes that become part of the norms over time,” Köönikkä says. “The way artists approach such a wide range of subjects in a fascinating way is always as inspiring and confusing.”

    One of the artists investigates how illusions are sold to people. In another one’s work the borders between textile art and graffiti start to disappear. The third one interviewed artist’s parents for her video work analysing their own children’s art work.

    Finnish Art Agency presents the artists more closely through biographies here

    New Narrative and Reader 6.6.–29.8.2015
    Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre
    Moss Street, Bury Lancashire BL9 0DR
    Avoinna: ti-pe: 10–17 ja la 10–16.30

    Opening on Friday 5 June starting from 5.30pm.