The Finnish Institute in London creates and participates in projects that promote equality. An equal society respects social diversity and is based on the principle of non-discrimination.

    Women of the World Finland

    We are part of the international Women of the World (WOW) network, founded by the Southbank Centre in London. In 2017 we are organising the Women of the World Finland festival in Tampere in collaboration with Tampere Hall and the feminist think tank Hattu. The festival’s programme planning is carried out in a series of open think-in workshops around Finland. The final, international Women of the World Finland event in Tampere celebrates girls and women. The event is held around the time of the International Women’s day and is part of the official Finland 100 programme celebrating the centenary of Finnish independence.

    WOW Finland Facebook page
    SuomiFinland100 website

    Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Press Coverage

    The Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Press Coverage is our joint project with The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux. We cooperate also with journalists and media organisations that monitor and follow up media culture and practices. The report has been the basis of several international panels and workshops we’ve organised in Finland, Great Britain and Belgium. More about the report here

    Rock Against Racism

    Culture and art not only offer ways to reflect and interpret the surrounding society, but have the power to contribute to its change as well. At the turn of the 1970s and 1980s the cultural movement Rock Against Racism was influential in Great Britain, shedding light on widespread racism and discrimination in society. In recent years artists, musicians and other cultural actors in Finland have taken a strong stance in favor of an equal and non-discriminatory society. The big mass rallies like We Have a Dream and Peli Poikki! demonstrate but a few of the biggest events. The Finnish Institute in London works for a society free of racism and discrimination and has organised, together with its partners, a Rock Against Racism photography exhibition and concert in Finland. Partners: Autograph Abp, Tiketti Galleria, Tavastia, Amnesty Finland, The Finnish League for Human Rights and Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations.Watch our RAR video here

Thursday, 20th October 2016