Simo Kellokumpu Company – Michel Michelle
21.9.2008 Southbank Centre, London

Image: ‘Michel Michelle’ by Erno Ovaska

Southbank Centre’s three-day celebration of European dance welcomes 23 countries and over 70 artists for a weekend of performances and film screenings from 19 to 21 September. Launched by renowned choreographer and festival patron, Russell Maliphant, DancEUnion reveals to audiences the diversity of choreography and dance developing across Europe and enables choreographers and dancers the chance to share ideas and forge new unions.

Simo Kellokumpu company represents Finland in DancEUnion with his sensitive and well-received performance Michel Michelle.

'Choreography should be like a living thing: breathing, organic and instinctive. I might be a little ‘old-fashioned’ – because even if conceptual is very trendy – I wish to focus on movement. It’s enjoyable to work with dancers and find different movements, even though we are working with material I came up with beforehand. As a director, I want my dancers to bring their own experiences and interpretation to the performance.'  - Simo Kellokumpu