19.9.2008 Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
3.-5.10.2008 Kiasma, Helsinki

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    Image: Eija Mäkivuori

    International performance company Oblivia was founded in 2000 in Helsinki.Oblivia is a unique force on the Finnish performance scene. Their collectively devised, interdisciplinary and minimalistic performances merge the boundaries of different art forms and nationalities.

    Oblivia’s members, founder and director Annika Tudeer (FIN) and performers Anna Krzystek (UK), Timo Fredriksson (FIN) and Magnús Logi Kristinsson (Iceland) all come from different countries and their backgrounds vary from performance art, music and dance to theory. This mixture of backgrounds and nationalities creates a vibrant and interesting tension in their work - and Oblivia’s performances strongly reflect the group’s ethical, aesthetic and ideological views.

    Entertainment Island is Oblivia’s three year project (2008-2010) on popular culture and entertainment through different means – performance, film, photography and text. The projects include performances, short film, book, seminars, workshops and talks. The whole project comes to an end in 2010, when all its pieces are brought together.

    Between August and October 2008 Oblivia took part in the Creative Lab programme in the Centre for the Contemporary Arts in Scotland. The group continued their project on popular culture and entertainment during their residence.

    Entertainment Island 1, based in Oblivia’s Work-in-Progress-performances, had its opening night in Helsinki in October 2008, as a part of Kiasma’s Theatre’s Nyt-festival. Oblivia’s Work-in-Progress-performances have previous been shown in May at the OFF Baltic Circle- Festival in Helsinki.