Jani Ruscica’s Travelogue Premiers at Camden Arts Centre


Jani Ruscica's
unique animation Travelogue premiers at Camden Arts Centre on 31 March 2010. Ruscica worked on the film during his two-month residency at Camden Arts Centre from October to December 2009. The residency was part of Camden Arts Centre's Magic Lantern animation residency programme and was funded by the Finnish Institute in London and FRAME.

Travelogue, consists of three different elements: visual, sound and text filmed and recorded in the Artists' Studio at Camden Arts Centre. It is a piece that lends itself perfectly to the imagination but it is also a film about a place, a city, London. The film's title Travelogue, refers directly to a film genre, embedded with information about travelling in the remote places of the world, that became popular in the late twentieth century.

Ruscica has filmed a moving panorama screen in black and white.The unpopulated visual image is presented in relation to text and sound. The text exists both in the form of a screen print and as subtitles in the film. Interested in existing cultural expressions and representation, Ruscica has decided to select quotes from English travel books as a collectively shared tradition rather than writing his own text, and in the narrative historic texts meet contemporary writing.

In contrast to the empty visual image the textual collage portrays a city analogous to a body - a city that breathes, is fleshy, dirty, slimy, has moods and so on. The sound, which has been recorded from the studio, provides a more direct and ‘real' reference to the location.

Travelogue invites the viewer to a journey to imagine a place, a city of their own.
Premier: 31 March 2010
Following the premier the film will be showing until 4 April 2010 at Camden Arts Centre Travelogue is available to view online at www.animateprojects.org.

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