Publication: Social Enterprise Solutions for 21st Century Challenges

  • What could be the role of social enterprises in delivering public services in Finland? Who are the potential social entrepreneurs in Finland and where do they operate?

    These are the questions raised by a recent report published by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The report is written by Jonathan Bland, a distinguished expert on social entrepreneurship and founding CEO of the Social Enterprise Coalition in Britain.

    With an ageing population and increased public expenditures, Finland alongside other European nations will be forced to look for new approaches in providing vital welfare and other public services in the upcoming years. The aim of the report is to to raise debate on the possibility of renewing the Finnish model of delivering public services in the British way.

    Social enterprises form a significant sector in Britain. They aim to find answers to social and ecological problems and contribute to the maintenance and development of public services. The role of social entrepreneurship in the national economy is widely acknowledged and it is also mentioned in the British government platform.

    According to a survey conducted by The Finnish Institute in London in 2009, there are already enterprises in Finland that operate within the guidelines of social entrepreneurship. The report by the Ministry of Education and Employment suggests that these enterprises could form a basis for the public sector in the future.

    "The interest towards social enterprises in Finland has been extensive in recent years. Mr Bland's excellent report answers this great demand. We are also delighted that the Ministry of Employment and the Economy has shown a great interest towards the British model. We believe that social enterprises could play an integral role when trying to find answers to the challenges of public sector in the upcoming years", enthuses Dr Antti Karjalainen, director of the Society Programme at the Finnish Institute in London.

    The report 'Social Enterprise Solutions for 21st Century Challenges' was published by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy on 5th May 2010.

    Read the report in its full here.

    For more details, please contact:

    Ulla-Maija Laiho, Ministry of Employment and the Economy

    Jonathan Bland, Social Business International,

    Antti Karjalainen, The Finnish Institute in London