The Future of Healthcare in Europe: Conference Report Published

  • The Finnish Institute in London organised ‘The Future of Healthcare in Europe' conference in collaboration with UCL 13. May 2011.

    It brought together leading European healthcare authorities and experts to study the challenges European governments face with the provision of quality healthcare. UCL has now published a report on the conference and launched a website with further findings from the conference available for download.

    The report summarises the key points raised at the conference and looks at the different solutions to the health challenges discussed, drawing on experiences from various European countries and academic expertise.

    Some of the findings included the significance of new technology and economic models as part of the answer. The need for political will remains at the heart of the challenge. In Finland the healthcare system faces problems such as growing inequity in accessing healthcare, which increase the pressures for the Finnish government to reform the system. In the UK, the new government has already started the reform, but it is facing steep opposition from within the healthcare sector itself.

    From the dedicated resource site, you can download:
    • All speakers' powerpoint presentations
    • Two thought pieces commissioned from Professor Albert Weale and Professor Jonathan Wolff for this event
    • Full conference report
    • Booklet "Where to for European Healthcare?"

    The Future of Healthcare in Europe