Riitta Ikonen

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    Image: Riitta Ikonen - Anthill (hat-itecture)

    One designer under the spotlight - one creative mind untangled!

    In ‘Featured Designer' we untangle designer minds through five up front questions.

    Our third designer under the spotlight is Riitta Ikonen, a London-based artist and RCA graduate. Ikonen's work is concerned with the performance of images, through photography and costume design.

    1. What drives you?
    - Pragmatic intuition.

    2. Where do you do your best thinking?
    - In good company.

    3. Who would you love to collaborate with?
    - Bernard Rudofsky, Temple Grandin, Veli Granö, Obama, (Tarja Halonen would do too), David RamJam Rodigan, The Natural History Museum, Sir David Attenborough, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, The Great Pacific Garbage patch, and Björk of course.

    4. What is the biggest challenge in today's society?
    - Getting to know your neighbours and lack of trust.

    5. Where would you like to be 2020?
    - In an overachieving situation (by an ocean if possible).

    . . .

    Riitta Ikonen is currently taking part in 'hat-itecture', a playful pop-up exhibition during the London Festival of Architecture in June-July 2010, where artists and architects are invited to submit hats inspired by London.

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