Jazz Ensemble Elifantree Performs at 12 Points!


The expressive trio with roots in Finland and Sweden will be performing 7th May in Dublin.

12 Points! is a critically acclaimed festival and showcase for emerging European jazz talent. The Festival is held 4th - 7th May and is designed to showcase 12 young European jazz ensembles, loosely in the mid 20s to early 30s age bracket. It aims to create a unique networking opportunity for its participants, with opportunities for informal musical and social encounters as well as showcase performances before an audience that includes the elite of European jazz professionals.

Elifantree has been playing concerts around Europe and above all in Northern countries since autumn 2007. The band features saxophone, vocals and drums and at some points also instruments like glockenspiel, harmonium and cello. They create music that lives in the borderland between pop- and improvised music. Peculiar grooves and strong melodies mixed with free improvisations are Elifantree's trademarks.

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