Celebrating 20 Years in London

  • The Finnish Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary 2011. In December 1991 the Institute opened its doors to the public in 35–36 Eagle Street in Holborn, London. The Institute has operated within or from this house ever since, true to it's name – Finnish Institute in London.

    Twenty years later, in the 2010's, we are no longer the Finnish Institute in London, but the Finnish Institute in Great Britain, Ireland and Finland or wherever our partners and co-collaborators deem meetings necessary. Networking, brokering ideas and relationships, facilitating collaboration and identifying challenges – all within the Institute's strategic aims – call for a different sort of house.

    House, location, site, space, geography, public, private – these are some of the themes that recur in the areas we are exploring as we asses our achievements and look into the future. These themes will take us out, into spaces defined by design and architecture, into uncertain, turbulent and contested places such as media spaces, the future of higher education and the public domain.

    We will be celebrating our anniversary through a series of seminars, workshops and a publication series highlighting the topics we are currently working on.