In the open data project we aim to develop comprehensive understanding on the timely issue of data transparency and its implications on contemporary society. We are particularly interested in how open government data can be applied for common good and how it further enhances the knowledge society we live in.

Open data is expected to benefit society in a variety of ways: from boosting online entrepreneurship to enhancing democratic accountability and public participation. It is in our interest to comprehensively identify these sectors where open data could be most beneficial and intervene public discussion and policy making accordingly.

The Institute works with selected partners in order to create new knowledge on open data and to expand the existing networks between British and Finnish open data communities and experts.

Publications: Being Open About Data – Analysis of the UK open data policies and applicability of data.

To find out more about our activities related to open data, please contact our Head of Society Programme.

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7404 3309