See New Works by Brotherus and Huhtaniemi in London


The Wapping Project Bankside, London, presents new works by artists Elina Brotherus and Aino Huhtaniemi, from 17 November 2011 to 14 January 2012.

Aino Huhtaniemi (b. 1982) graduated in 2011 with an MA in Photography from the Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland; the Wapping Project Bankside exhibition in London will be her first outside Finland. The ‘Autuas Aina - Photographs of Finnish School' series (2011) portrays a mundane, yet vibrant national institution, which is also a great source of pride for Finland.

Elina Brotherus (b. 1972) is one of Finland's best know photography and video artists. Her works have received international acclaim and she has been awarded numerous art prizes, including the Finnish State Prize for Photography in 2008. Brotherus finds inspiration in the iconography of classical painting exploring geographical landscapes and the study of the human figure, whose place within the picture she investigates.

The Wapping Project Bankside is a gallery focusing on lens-based media founded by the Director of the Wapping Project, Jules Wright.

The Wapping Project Bankside
Elina Brotherus
Aalto University School of Art and Design

Image: Aino Huhtaniemi, Rieskalähteen koulu, Turku, Finland 2011