IC-98 at Beaconsfield in London

  • The Finnish duo IC-98 is introduced to the London public for the first time as their exhibition A View from the Other Side opens at Beaconsfield on 1 March 2012.

    The cinematic ghost image of the Gyllich Stoa - a controversial early 19th Century neo-classical building in Turku, Finland, that has served as fish-market, bazaar, restaurant and petrol station in its time before being left to decay for 20 years - transmutes over 70 minutes in Beaconsfield's arch space. The portico by the river undergoes transformation as hours pass, seasons change and centuries follow each other. This slow-burn, meticulously drawn animation meditates on public space, immigration and neo-liberal city policies.

    Other works in the series - Theses on the Body Politic (Riket), 2009 and Theses on the Body Politic (Shadows), 2008/9 - are also on display.

    IC-98 (originally 'Iconoclast', founded in 1998) are Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää. The duo is interested in events, which did not take place, fantastic connections between things, heresies and pure systems of thought, the presence of history in everyday life, the body politic, social formations and architectural constructions, control mechanism and techniques of escaping them. IC-98 aims to realise its objectives typically in collaborations, drawings, animations and books.

    IC-98: A View from the Other Side
    22 Newport Street, London SE11 6AY
    1 March - 14 April 2012
    Artists Talk and Reception on Friday 2 March at 6.30pm

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