5 Questions with Artist Anssi Kasitonni

  • Artist Anssi Kasitonni, who recently visited Moving Image Fair in London, talks about his work Planet of Sexes, inspiration and his attitude towards life in general.

    Finnish artist Anssi Kasitonni works in film, sculpture and music. In 2011, he was awarded the Ars Fennica prize, which is the biggest Finnish award for visual art. Kasitonni has been described as a ‘man in love with his work and craft, as well as with life itself'.

    This year Anssi Kasitonni and AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, were chosen to take part in Moving Image, one of London's most significant art events that took place in the city in October. At the fair Kasitonni showed one of his recent works, Planet of Sexes. In the film an unexpected love awaits a lonely US Air Force pilot on the planet of female warriors, castration robots and lizard creatures.

    The Finnish Institute in London met up with the artist on the opening night of Moving Image to talk to him about Planet of Sexes, about how it feels taking part in an international art fair and why quantum mechanics has inspired him recently.

    Read more about Anssi Kasitonni here: anssikasitonni.com

    See his interview in Vimeo or below: