• Finnish visual artist and art critic Lena Séraphin is taking part in the Saatchi Gallery's Art & Music Magazine's and Tramshed's The Cock 'n' Bull Gallery's new exhibition called The Fiction Show.

    The exhibition features fictional artworks by fictional artists. It is based on a magazine that presents fictional stories made up by art critics and then turned into physical art pieces by 21 real artists. Séraphin is presenting a selection of photographs by the notorious murderess Andrea Meinin Bück.

    In the presentation of The Fiction Show Lena Séraphin is described as Finland’s creepiest artist and critic. Her interest in how the viewer experiences the art works can seem creepy. Even though she doesn’t admit to being creepy herself.

    Séraphin is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Aalto University School of Art and in her work as an artist she relates to the mediums of text, photography, archival imagery, installation and moving image.

    The Fiction Show is open to the public between 11am-7pm daily until 26 April.

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