Three Finnish Acts at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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    2011 the festival goers were able to enjoy Finnish talent in the form of three shows, which took the audience from urban womanhood to re-interpretation of a Russian classic and modern a cappella singing. The Festival Fringe takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland's capital city. 

    The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and an inspiring celebration of the best performance and entertainment coming out of every continent.

    Chaos is a rough comedy about three 30-something women losing control over their lives and ending up in a total mess. When two respectable sisters and their friend end up in jail one night there has to be a reason for it. Chaos is based on a Turku City Theatre's adaptation of Mika Myllyaho's play with British actresses Gowan Clader, Jo Freer and Mary Gapinski. This is Almodóvar in thermal underwear as Myllyaho´s dark comedy lifts the lid on modern, urban womanhood. Dates: 3-29 August 2011
    Chaos at Fringe

    Pink Noise by FORK
    After selling out in Scandinavia, FORK comes to Edinburgh to perform their hit a cappella performance, Pink Noise. FORK is known for magnificent shows that reinvents a cappella and fearlessly combine the various forms of stage art; music, theatre, dance and light show which all add up to a humorous, yet elegant show experience. The group also throws in a good dose of love and self irony - leaving it up to the audience to find where the line between love and irony goes, and who's laughing at who. Dates: 3-28 August 2011
    Pink Noise at Fringe

    The Overcoat is a fast, furious and deeply sarcastic satire where banks and bankers are in for a kicking. The overcoat tells a story of a sympathetic man who is undervalued by his work colleagues. This is Gogol for today in a dazzling new comedy that had it's first public performance at Finnish theatre Ryhmäteatteri. Catherine Grosvenor's Scottish adaptation is about an incomprehensible world where people still look for love and happiness. Dates: 3-29 August 2011
    Overcoat at Fringe

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