Linda Bergroth

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One designer under the spotlight - one creative mind untangled!
In ‘Featured Designer' we will untangle designer minds through five up front questions.

Our second featured designer is a talented product designer, interior architect and stylist living between Paris and Helsinki: Linda Bergroth.

1. What drives you?
- Urban city culture as well as places and objects related to it. I find inspiration in things that seem to have a lot of potential, but that need a little tuning to work. It could be a restaurant with fantastic food, but with a harsh lighting that makes the place unattractive or a piece of furniture that is perfect, except from the small details. I'm inspired by the amendment work of these places and things and the thoughts they provoke are often adapted to my own projects.

2. Where do you do your best thinking?
- At work, doing work. When the design is still just an idea, everything is painless. As I get more in depth with the design, I start to understand the scale and the challenges of actually executing it. When I focus on a challenging design or a part of it, my brain turns into turbo-mode and I tend to find solutions to my other projects as well as get new ideas for future ones.

3. Who would you love to collaborate with?
- Through new commissions I get to know new people, who have specialised in something very specific. It is very inspiring to share my own know-how and gain something completely new and unknown myself. The weirder the collaboration - the better!

4. What is the biggest challenge in today's society?
- Short-sightedness and inability to understand that choices and decisions made now have long-term effects

5. Where would you like to be 2020?
- Doing all the things I do now, but more, greater and in multiple places: new people, interesting cities, a lot of children, nice homes and the ability to manage your time.

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Catch Linda Bergroth this September in London at HEL YES!, a temporary restaurant and design exhibition unveiled during The London Design Festival 2010. The interior of the restaurant open 15 September to 3 October is designed by Bergroth.

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