One designer under the spotlight - one creative mind untangled!
In ‘Featured Designer' we untangle designer minds through five up front questions.

Our fifth designer under the spotlight is award-winning graphic designer Emmi Salonen, founder and owner of her creative practice based in East London, Studio EMMI.

1. What drives you?
The need to create and to feel like I'm spending my days doing something worthwhile.

2. Where do you do your best thinking?
Away from the computer.

3. Who would you love to collaborate with?
Anyone who is creating something inspirational, cultural, environmental or positive and beneficial for the society.

4. What is the biggest challenge in today's society?

5. Where would you like to be 2020?
I'd like to be living happily with my family, working on things that keep me excited. Where, doesn't really matter.

. . .

Emmi Salonen is the author of the forthcoming book: ‘Common Interest: Documents' published by Index Books this November.

In 2010 the works of Studio EMMI have been featured in Selected A: Graphic & New Media Design from Europe, Los Logos: Compass and Great British Identity.

Salonen has created the Finnish Institute's visual identity, designed the Institute's websites as well at the annual (p)review book 2008/2009.

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