Tapio Anttila


This time we talked to the award-winning designer Tapio Anttila.

In ‘Featured Designer' we untangle designer minds through five up front questions.

Designer Tapio Anttila was recently awarded with the esteemed Good Design Award and the Interior Innovation 2011 Award.  He is interested in Finnish wood and works with it in a comtemporary way yet following traditions.

1. What drives you?
- Inspiration usually just comes when a deadline approaches. And sometimes I simply get an inexplicable urge to create.

2. Where do you do your best thinking?
- No place in particular comes to mind, creativity/being creative is possible anywhere. Although I have noticed that buses, trains and aeroplanes are good places to think because there is nothing else for you to do. And for some reason lying down activates my mind too.

3. Who would you love to collaborate with?
- I haven't worked with any products made out of glass yet, so a company who specialices in that branch would be an interesting partner.

4. What is the biggest challenge in today's society?
- Especially in the design industry the challenge is to keep the manufacturing in Finland and to manufacture products that are ecological, of good quality and of high-quality design. In order to achieve these goals we of course need businesses/companies and designers, but also products that are appealing to customers and that sell well both in Finland and abroad.

5. Where would you like to be 2020?
- I want to keep on working, but I hope I will be able to do less with more focus.

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